Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Deck of Cards

So there's always those people in your life, where you love them so much. You feel that you couldn't carry on without them because they mean so much to you. You would give your life for them, and you're certain they would do the same for you. You love them so much; without boundaries, without condition.

Then, something happens. A small mishap, maybe. Nothing big, but only a foolish mistake or misunderstanding. However, everything collapses. You lose sight of each other, as anger and frustration clouds your judgement. You begin to avoid each other, leading to a fracture in a once healthy relationship.

All emotions are lost and you cease to communicate with them. Phone calls and text-messages stop--no one speaks a word. All that love that was once there was taken away in an instant by some divine being: such solid and permanant feelings were destroyed in an instant.

So time heals most wounds, and time brings the two of you back together.

You timidly talk at first, avoiding the past and putting a shy foot into the door of the future.

Both of you question why you have come back together, once again as friends.

However, you can only remain as friends. Some scars run too deep, and the past is unchangeable. You both realize how foolish you have been, and regret everything that you had said; you also regret the silence that had lasted for so long.

So more time passes.
and though you two are still in contact, you never really talk anymore. Sure, you share recent news, and everything in-between, but you've lost your love for one another.

Though you were once best friends, now you're much less.

You move on
Hoping to forget the pass
No longer seeking to heal the wound
And carry your scars with you forever.

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